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Two weeks too long

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hey friends, it has been a LONG long two weeks in the Farris home.. Both Ella and Charlotte were sick and OMG it was the toughest thing I've endured as a momma of two!! Seeing your little ones so miserable and feeling so helpless is the WORST! As soon as I noticed the girls not feeling well I called the advice nurse, placed an order pick up from Target with all of the essentials to get better, brought out the diffuser, the humidifier, and cancelled all of my plans... including my first ever BLACK TIE EVENT that I had been looking forward to for months. Not only was it a huge networking opportunity, but I was also asked to be a preferred Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator for their venue. Kind of, a really BIG DEAL!! Can you tell I am still a little sad I had to miss it? ): I know, I know there will be other opportunities! Plus, I'd pick being in my yoga pants, in bed with babies any day of the week or weeks in our case. Anyways, I'm not sure how I was a functioning person the last two weeks. I definitely didn't sleep very much. Thank goodness for dry shampoo, concealer, coffee, and nap time.. with out that combo I may have started to question my sanity a bit! My husband has been working 90 something hour weeks since Char was born, full time at the fire station, and full time working on an ambulance, so that he could get the experience he needs for paramedic school. He's pretty much our real life hero! Poor guy didn't sleep much either because at some point or another, whether it was 2AM or 4:30AM, both of the girls were in bed with us. Tossing, turning, and some how I found myself at the foot of the bed and my toddler practically on top of me.. Even through the sleepless nights I wouldn't change a single thing because I know in a blink of an eye I will be sneaking into their beds at night just to get in some extra snuggles from them. Oh, and on top of everything, Ella had TWO more teeth coming in.. yeah I know, she's a late bloomer. So with out saying too much more of the last few weeks..we went through an entire Costco box of K cups in a month!! If that doesn't say we had it rough the last two weeks, then I'm not sure what will. Not sure who cried more, the girls or mom. But you can bet I soaked in every cuddle, every wiped nose on my shirt, every sleepless second, and staying in our pj's all day long. My oh my what a long two weeks it has been. I am so happy both of the girl's are starting to feel better and so thankful momma didn't get sick and was able to love on her babies. So moral of the blog, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough AND sneeze, and keep your kid's cooped up inside until they feel better.. Be considerate of other people, if your lo isn't feeling well, just keep them home. As much as I have loved all of the cuddles and snuggles, too much down time leads to Pinterest inspired projects.. and I'm not entirely sure my husband or my bank account wants that.. Stay tuned for the fun project I will be doing next week. I will post it on the blog when I'm finished. XO

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